Thursday, September 17, 2020

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The combination of these two powerful presentations, will prepare you to act when the unreal becomes real.


Barry Furey, Barry Furey Public Safety Training and Consulting 

“Mayday! Mayday!! Mayday!!!” “Officer Down!” “Medic needs assist!”  The words no dispatcher ever hopes to hear. But when you hear them, what then? Learn the ten deadly sins of managing Maydays, and the VALIDATE system (Verify, Acknowledge, Listen, Inform, Divert, Account, Terminate, Evaluate) in order to control these potentially deadly incidents.

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Barry Furey, Barry Furey Public Safety Training and Consulting 

Line of duty deaths are an unfortunate part of emergency services, where personnel place the safety of others before their own. Dispatch centers play a significant role in the management of these incidents, and their aftermath. The duties and demands involved with LODDs before, during, and after the call will be reviewed, as well as case studies and the personal experiences of the presenter. Learn how the loss of a first responder can impact you – and the community- for years to come.

Barry Furey is celebrating this 50th year in public safety. During that time, he has been a fire officer in three states and a 9-1-1 Director in four. Formerly the Executive Director of Knox County 9-1-1, he is past president of TNAPCO, and was chair of the APCO International Conference in Nashville in 2002. An APCO Life and Senior member, he is a two-time TNAPCO Director of the Year. The only communications manager elected to the Firehouse Magazine Hall of Fame; he is a Contributing Editor for that publication. Currently, he is part of the website team, promoting firefighter safety worldwide. He has been part of numerous MAYDAY situations, and during his first decade alone he was directly affected by five line of duty deaths.  Listen as he shares his personal testimony and that of others who have experienced the unthinkable.

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