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Nominations are now closed for 2023

SenJBH Award sm.png

In 2003 the “Senator Joe Haynes Award” was established to honor and recognize individuals who demonstrate outstanding performance which serves to enhance the public safety profession,

is an advocate for 911 and its advancement in Tennessee, and

contributes to the goals and mission of the TENA organization.

It may be given to a citizen, a legislator, or a Board member.

This award is not always given annually.


  • The nominee must be actively employed by, or recently retired (last calendar year) from one of the following;

  1. An Emergency Communications District or Board;

  2. A Public Safety Answering Point, or Public Safety Dispatch Center;

  3. The State of Tennessee;

  4. An Industry Partner that does business with TN PSAP’s/ECD’s and that serves one of the aforementioned categories.

  • The nominee’s ECD must be a TENA member in good standing.

  • Must have enhanced the public safety communications profession.

  • Must have gone beyond the ordinary to protect Tennessee’s citizens and property, or must have contributed significantly to the public safety profession.

  • Must be an advocate for 911 and its advancement in Tennessee

  • Must be someone that contributes to the goals and mission of the TENA organization

  • Nominator must document evidence of the individual’s actions and accomplishments in the area of his or her work with public safety communications and 9-1-1.

  • Nominations must be received by TENA no later than August 16, 2023



The Senator Joe Haynes Award Committee will determine the recipient of this award as nominated by the TENA membership.  There will be no nominees for the award serving on the award committee.

Past award winners may be considered for future awards if they have made additional outstanding contributions since the previous awards, that are worthy of recognition.

Lack of nominations or lack of unanimous decision of the Joe Haynes Award Committee will result in no award being given for that year. This award recognizes outstanding performance, not every year will have a recipient.



2003    Lynn Casey, ENP

2005    Anthony Haynes

2006    Duple Travillion

2007    Lynn Questell

2008    Kim Augustine, ENP

2009    David Gleason, ENP

2010     Ike Lowry

2011      Buddy Shaffer

2012    Randy Porter

2013    Jennifer Estes, ENP

2014    Raymond Chiozza

2015    Bob McNeill, ENP

2016    Jamison Peevyhouse, ENP

2017    Roger Hager, ENP

2018    Ned Patterson

2019   John Stuermer

2020  Senator Janice Bowling

2021   Stephen Martini, ENP

2022  Maureen Culberson




Indicate your nomination on the online form below.  Please provide all information requested.  Submit the form as indicated with any appropriate documentation for this nomination.

The Senator Joe Haynes Award will be presented at the Opening Session on Monday morning


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